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    Since 1901

    Danville Telecom iconnectyou’s purpose is to provide reliable telecommunications services to businesses and residents of Southeast Iowa.  We are committed to providing these services with the highest quality and superior customer service while continuing to develop future services for our customers.

This commitment is kept alive through powerful local ownership and decision making while maintaining our Corporate Values of ‘Respect, Ethics, Trust, Knowledge, and Customer service’.
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Business Enterprise Solutions

At Danville Telecom, your ROI for business services and solutions remains our top priority. We've integrated the latest plans to meet the demanding pace of your business. Find out more about our services and how our expansion of deliverables will benefit you and your team!


VoIP services provide a reliable connection for clear, efficient business communication that adapts to your business needs.

Unified Communications

One number allows your employees to make or receive calls from any device no matter where they are working from.

IP Fax

Our Fax over IP (FoIP) solution streamlines your business communications without compromising sensitive information.

Fiber-to-the-Home Monthly Service Prices

Faster internet is just around the corner with choices to meet your usage requirements and budget needs. Find out more about what plan is best for you and contact our team to sign up today!


25M Download - 10M Upload


50M Download - 50M Upload


100M Download - 100M Upload


250M Download - 250M Upload

Additional Information

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