Staffers must tape back together presidential records Trump rips up, report says

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White House aides realized early on that they could not stop President Donald Trump from tearing up papers he must preserve to stay in line with the Presidential Records Act, Politico reported Sunday, citing people familiar with the practice.

So to avoid clashing with the law, some staffers have taped his pieces back together “like a jigsaw puzzle,” Solomon Lartey, a former records management analyst, told Politico.

Lartey said he got clear tape and reassembled clips Trump had torn up, including a letter from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“I had a letter from Schumer – he tore it up,” Lartey said. “It was the craziest thing ever. He ripped papers into tiny pieces.”

The White House did not immediately return CNN’s request for comment.

The Presidential Records Act requires presidential records be preserved and transferred to the National Archives, which says the law “places the responsibility for the custody and management of incumbent presidential records with the President.”

Presidential records can take several forms, including electronic media, like tweets. Trump’s penchant for deleting his tweets and re-posting them slightly altered or without typos has raised questions about compliance with the law in the past, and the White House said previously that they have systems to preserve all tweets as presidential records, even deleted tweets.

Two downtown buildings and one home damaged in separate shots-fired incidents

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Two downtown buildings sustained minor damage from gunfire after shots fired incidents reported on Sunday and Monday, according to police.

The first incident happened around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday, June 10 in the 200 block of Ripley Street. After receiving a report of shots fired, officers arrived and found shot casings and bullet damage on the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce building (331 W. 3rd St.) and an adjacent parking ramp (200 Ripley St.). There were nor reports of injuries.

The second incident was reported around 4:35 a.m. on Monday, June 11 in the 5100 block of Western Avenue. A home on that block was struck by gunfire and officers again located casings in the area. No one was injured in that incident either.

Police ask anyone with information about either shots fired incident to submit an anonymous tip via the department’s mobile CityConnect Davenport app or to call (563) 326-6125.

Wild stallion stands guard all night over mare killed by car on North Carolina beach

COROLLA, N.C. – A wild mare died in Corolla, North Carolina on Saturday after it was run over on a beach.

According to officials, the horse died instantly, and her stallion stayed over her body all night even after she was covered with a tarp, WTKR reported.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund did not give specific details about how the horse was run over but did say the incident involved a local resident.

The speed limit on the beach is 15 miles per hour.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund urged people to “slow down and expect that a horse could be on the beach or running over the dunes at any given moment.”

“There are no words to describe the heartbreak and frustration we are feeling this morning,” the Facebook post read.

The mare was buried Sunday morning.

IHOP reveals the mystery of IHOb

The mystery of IHOb is solved.

IHOP said on Monday that it’s temporarily changing its branding because the B stands for burgers.

It’s only a marketing campaign. IHOP isn’t changing its name. But the chain of breakfast diners took social media by storm last week with the cryptic announcement that it was flipping the lowercase “p” in its logo and making it a “b.”

IHOP, of course, stands for International House of Pancakes. But IHOP — sorry, IHOb — wants to be known as a place to get lunch and dinner, not just breakfast and brunch. It’s adding several burgers to its menu, including a Big Brunch burger with bacon, a fried egg and browned potato on top.

Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience. Now let’s see who guessed right. B-hold!!!!! #IHOb pic.twitter.com/Fh3SkZ7s3Y

— IHOb (@IHOb) June 11, 2018

“We are definitely going to be IHOP,” Darren Rebelez, president of IHOP, told CNNMoney. “But we want to convey that we are taking our burgers as seriously as our pancakes.”

An IHOP in Hollywood is getting new IHOb signs, and some others might get the treatment. The new IHOb Twitter account even retweeted photos and video of a construction crew putting up the new sign in LA.

But Rebelez said the vast majority of the nearly 1,800 other locations will still go by IHOP.

So, to use another B-word, will there be a backlash?

Some people correctly predicted it would stand for burgers, but many others on Twitter and Facebook thought the B would stand for breakfast or bacon.

Others had more fun, speculating that the B stood for bitcoin or break dancing.

Chiquita even got in on the act, saying that the B should stand for bananas.

Others noted that the Ob in the IHOb logo looked extremely similar to the O.B. brand of tampons.

Rebelez isn’t worried that people will be disappointed. He said some people were upset that IHOP would even consider tinkering with the name. But most fans figured out it was just a way to get people talking.

That clearly worked.

“The vast majority of people were having fun with the name change and were trying to solve the riddle. They had fun for a week trying to figure it out,” Rebelez said.

America loves burgers, and IHOP wants to be a bigger player at lunch and dinner.

When I asked Rebelez whether IHOP was considering food-fusion menu items — remember Burger King’s Whopperito or Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries? — he joked that diners could order a side of flapjacks and make their own pancake burger.

Still, it’s worth wondering why IHOP is going through all this trouble. Why mess with a good thing?

IHOP owner Dine Brands is also the parent company of Applebee’s. Is Rebelez worried that he’s competing more directly with his corporate sibling?

Not really. Rebelez said IHOP will remain family-focused, while Applebee’s will still be a place to go with friends to get a beer and watch a game.

“They have a bar,” Rebelez said. “If you want a burger and beer, you are not going to come to IHOP.”

In other words, the B in IHOb clearly doesn’t stand for booze.

Here is how to find the 2018 Summer Meal Service sites

QUAD CITIES - It is often said that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

For many kids in the Quad Cities community, that first meal of the day (and often the second) is provided through a free or (reduced cost) meal program, set up with a child's school district.

So, when school is out for the summer, some kids are at risk of having to go without a nutritious meal.

That's where the Summer Food Service comes into play.  The program, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, has partnered with locations all throughout the Quad Cities area, helping to provide two free meals to children, ages 1-18, per day.

Locate the meal site closest to you, and check to see what times they serve meals by using the map below or click here.

Storms take back seat as heat wave builds by week’s end

Monday will be cloudy and cool with high temperatures right around 80 degrees. While the day will be mainly dry, our next chance of storms arrives tonight. After that, we may be wishing for storms.

Storms may turn severe across Central Iowa this afternoon with the activity expected to march across the Hawkeye State through the evening in a weakening phase. They should get here around midnight, or shortly thereafter interrupting some sleep early Tuesday morning. After that, the next round of storms comes in on Thursday.

Parts of Northwestern Illinois received more than 5 inches of rainfall over the past three days. That has the Rock River rising and will achieve flood stage across Rock Island County by midweek. The weather pattern will chance subtly this week with a more active jet stream anticipated. This will mean that storms move at a higher rate of speed, giving us less time for prolonged, heavy rainfall.

Ready for a heat wave? Both the GFS & ECMWF model have 90+ temperatures across much of the Midwest this weekend. pic.twitter.com/Eff0R1BvHp

— EricSorensen (@ERICSORENSEN) June 11, 2018

Confidence is building that this weekend will be a scorcher! Two of the most reliable weather models bring temperatures well into the 90s beginning Friday and lasting into the early parts of next week. There's still a chance the dome of high pressure doesn't develop as strong...but with mostly sunny skies are expected, there will be plenty of time to heat up.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

YOUR MONEY with Mark: How trade disputes will impact manufacturing jobs, wages, and sales

MOLINE- Every Monday on Good Morning Quad Cities, investment adviser Mark Grywacheski joins us live on the air to talk about a range of financial issues and topics.

On Monday, June 11th, Grywacheski discussed the record-breaking labor market, how the trade war will impact manufacturing industry jobs, wages, and sales, and what we can expect during this week's Federal Reserve meeting.

Your Money With Mark airs live on Good Morning Quad Cities every Monday between 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.mTo live stream our newscast from our website, click here.

The Score Sunday – Rock Island Softball, Assumption Soccer State Champions

The Score Sunday features State Champions.  Rock Island Softball wins their first State Title in school history.  The Lady Rocks talk about winning and what it took to get it done this season.

Assumption Girls Soccer wins their third straight State Title and 7th in the past eight year.  This is also their ninth championship which ties them for the most in the state of Iowa.

Buffalo community rallies to save their elementary school

BUFFALO, Iowa-- Parents, students and community members crowded into Buffalo's City Fire Department on Sunday for a forum on how to keep their elementary school open.

The Davenport School District added Buffalo Elementary School to the list of possible closures, Monday, June 4. It's one of five schools on the possible chopping block the other schools are Monroe, Adams, Washington, and Buchanan Elementary.

"I really hope they realize that Buffalo needs this school," said 11 -year-old Shelbi Buchanan, former Buffalo Elementary student.

The move comes as the school board reviews the District’s Vision 20/20 plan to find ways to save money. If they decide to close the school, the option would move students to Jackson and Blue Grass and Hayes.

During the forum, parents and students discussed strengthening their case for the next Davenport School Board Meeting. Leaders said according to the Iowa State report card, Buffalo Elementary School ranked 2nd in the Davenport School District.

"I was more than happy to come down and help support keep this school around, this is what I want for my daughter," said Nathan Bresset, a concerned parent who attended the forum, "We went from Moline School District to here just because of the small town family values and the schools."

Buffalo Elementary is the newest school in the Davenport School District it opened its doors back in 2002.

The district will hold a school board meeting June 11th to discuss the future of of the schools, the meeting will start at 6 p.m. at the Achievement Service Center in Davenport.

An open forum will also be held at West High School on June 12th starting at 6 p.m.

Actor Vince Vaughn Arrested for DUI

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Actor Vince Vaughn was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to authorities.

Vaughn was stopped at a DUI checkpoint outside of Los Angeles between Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach around 12:30 a.m., according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

The “Dodgeball” actor was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence and for resisting, delaying or obstructing officers, Sgt. Matt Sabosky said.

An unidentified male passenger traveling with Vaughn was also arrested on charges of obstructing officers and public intoxication, Sabosky said. Additional details on the passenger were not immediately available.

Regarding the charge of resisting officers, Sgt. Tim Zins, another spokesman for the Manhattan Beach Police Department, offered clarification later Sunday. He said Vaughn wasn’t “fighting with officers, but more of delaying the investigation.”

“There was no officer use of force or anything like that,” Zins said.

Both men were taken to the Manhattan Beach Jail, and later left. Details about Vaughn’s bail weren’t available Sunday morning.

Representatives for Vaughn did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

People Are Going Over the Top With Their Gender-Reveal Parties

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It’s not the kind of social gathering you see every day: As family and friends watch from a safe distance – recording the moment on their phones – a man in a yard tries to feed a watermelon to a large alligator.

After a few failed attempts, he wedges the melon into the alligator’s jaws. The gator chomps down and the melon splits open, spattering blue goo everywhere.

The crowd erupts in cheers.

“It’s a boy!” someone shouts.

Welcome to the world of gender reveal parties, where pretty much anything goes. Years ago, couples announcing the gender of their unborn child just did something simple, like slice open a blue (boy) or pink (girl) cake.

But these days gender reveals, like baby showers and “promposals,” are getting more common, creative — and over the top.

Indeed, what was once a private intimate moment has become, in many cases, a game of social media one upmanship.

“The reveals get crazier and crazier. It really is a fascinating thing, but it’s directly tied to social media.” says Carly Gieseler of the CIty University of New York. She wrote an academic paper that looked at the phenomenon that looked at how gender-reveals spoke to a deeper need than an excuse for a party.

“In some ways, it’s great, it’s a celebration, it’s visual. But it might be a thing where parents-to-be feel pressure to celebrate the birth,” she told CNN. “I think there’s a competitive edge to a lot of people. Social media displays that, and it fuels the fire.”

From Party City to Pinterest

The trend has retailers and websites scrambling to cater to the demand.

Party City, which has more than 900 retail stores in North America, said the popularity of these parties is the reason they launched a gender reveal party line in 2016.

Ryan Vero, the chain’s president of retail, says the retailer sells nearly one million gender reveal party items a year, including tableware, decorations and balloons. And Party City plans to double its shelf space for gender reveal products, he says.

Elsewhere, marketers sell gender reveal bath bombs, gender reeval smoke balloons and gender reveal scratch cards.

Pinterest, the online bulletin board where users seek images to spark creative inspiration, says searches for “creative gender reveal ideas” are up nearly 400% over last year.

And what is a party without cake? Publix, the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States, said customers’ requests are the reason its bakeries began making gender reveal cakes two years ago.

Even celebrities aren’t immune from the trend.

Actress Kate Hudson and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa announced on Instagram in April that they are expecting a baby girl. The pair posted a video showing them popping large balloons and cheering after pink confetti spilled out.

The Bulls game reveal

Some parents try to match their gender reveals to their passions.

Shatesha Boyce and fiancé Michael Holder summoned 48 of their relatives and friends to a Chicago Bulls game last November.

“My fiancé is a huge basketball fan,” Boyce says. “He said why don’t we do the reveal at a game? Someone would love to see it on the JumboTron.”

The big moment was planned for halftime. Once the first half ended, the couple and their entourage gazed up expectantly at the giant video screen.

“We were staring and saying, “Oh my God, when are they going to put it up?” Boyce says.

Moments later, the crowd of 20,000 cheered when the screen revealed they were expecting a girl.

Boyce says she would have been happy either way. “I just hope for a healthy baby.”

The firefighter reveal

When Erica Tubbs saw a firefighter-inspired gender reveal on Facebook, she knew when the time came that was what she and her firefighter husband Justin would do.

“I told my husband whenever we have kids, this is what we’re doing,” said Tubbs, of Covington, Georgia. “It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do.”

Fast forward three years and the Tubbs are expecting their first child. Of course, their gender reveal involved a fire truck and a fire hose.

With the blessing of the Atlanta suburb of Decatur with help from his Decatur Fire and Rescue comrades, Justin Tubbs planned the reveal during a training exercise in February. “We used food coloring my wife and I purchased,” he said.

The couple held the hose together and watched as it began spouting pink water. They are expecting a daughter in July.

The gator reveal

Then there’s the Kliebert family of Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

When Michael “T-Mike” Kliebert and his expectant girlfriend Rebecca Miller wanted to announce the sex of their child, they turned to an old family friend — a 61-year-old alligator named Sally.

“We were searching for exciting and new ways do a reveal,” Kliebert says. “We also wanted to incorporate our family, lifestyle and heritage into the reveal.”

Kliebert’s family owns Kliebert’s Turtle & Alligator Farm, which he says is Louisiana’s first. It’s where Sally was hatched by his grandfather in 1957.

So as family and friends watched at an outdoor gathering in March, Kliebert pitched a watermelon into Sally’s mouth to reveal blue Jell-O. He learned the baby’s gender along with everyone else.

Afterwards, the Kliebert family smiled and posed for photos with Sally. A Facebook video of their unique gender reveal has more than 8 million views.

“Sally has been in the family for four generations,” said Kliebert, adding that he and his relatives are proud alligator conservationists and hunters.

“It was an honor to use her.”

Her Rare Skin Condition Keeps Her Indoors, But She Braved the Sun to Walk at Graduation

Riley McCoy took a deep breath. This would be the most time she had spent in daylight in her entire life.

When she appeared at graduation, her classmates at Dana Hills High School in Dana Point, California, gave her a standing ovation before she was handed her diploma. Riley had made it.

She is known as “the California girl who can’t go out in the sun,” and it isn’t often that Riley gets to be a normal 18-year-old. But this time she insisted by choosing to graduate alongside her peers in an outdoor ceremony.

“I was really excited,” Riley told CNN. “Not really nervous, just excited.”

Riley was born with xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), a rare skin condition characterized by extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from sunlight, according to the US National Library of Medicine. It affects about one in every 1 million people in the United States and Europe.

If sunlight touches Riley’s face or body, it can cause severe sunburns and potentially lethal skin cancer. About 30% percent of people diagnosed with XP also experience neurological degeneration. Riley is one of those cases, but she has never let it keep her from pursuing her dreams.

Stepping out

To walk at graduation, Riley wore latex gloves and a special bubble-front, UV-safe hood with a built-in fan under her blue graduation cap. It was a major upgrade from her usual plastic visor sewn into a hat, which she said fogs up and makes it difficult to see.

A family support group for children with XP purchased the new headgear and plans to share it among the group members.

Riley’s mother, Pam McCoy, told CNN she was surprised her daughter wanted to walk with everyone else instead of having a safer, separate graduation indoors at the Southern California school.

“I never thought she’d want to take that kind of risk,” McCoy said. “But she really insisted she was going to walk with her friends. There was no convincing her.”

To minimize her time outside, Riley was the last to walk at graduation. When students spotted her on the way to the stage in a golf cart, they broke into applause and then a standing ovation, followed by the rest of the crowd.

“We were standing up and the next thing you know all the people around us started standing up too,” McCoy said. “Everyone around us was rooting for her and calling her name. There was such a wave of love in the air.”

In the commotion, Riley’s name was never announced. The long applause seemed to stand in its place.

“Everyone was so happy,” Riley said.

The road ahead

Riley says she is both relieved and a little sad that high school is over.

“It’s a little bit bittersweet because I’m really sad that I’m leaving everybody,” she said.

Riley, whose classmates crowned her homecoming queen last October, said she’s grateful for the support she received throughout high school from friends, teachers, staff and her aide.

“They’re like a family to me,” Riley said.

This fall, Riley said she’s excited to be attending Saddleback Community College, where she plans to study theater.

“She just loves theater and entertaining and any kind of singing and acting,” McCoy said. “She wants to take a drama class and participate in plays.”

For now, she said, she’ll likely spend the summer hanging out with her friends and playing with her dog.

Her message to others: “Be yourself.”

More storms possible southwest of the Quad Cities Sunday night

A few showers and storms made their way through this afternoon, and we’ll keep the chance for more rain late tonight. However, it appears that much of the rain will stay well to the southwest of the Quad Cities. Temperatures will drop into the low to mid 60s.

Some rain may linger into Monday morning, but much of the afternoon is looking dry. Most of us will see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the low 80s.

A cold front moving in late Monday night into Tuesday will bring another round of scattered showers and storms. While some rain will last into Tuesday morning, we’ll begin to clear out by the afternoon. Plenty of sunshine will return on Wednesday with highs remaining in the mid 80s.

Meteorologist Taylor Graham

NYC Pizza Delivery Man Given Emergency Stay After Immigration Detention

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A federal court temporarily blocked a pizza delivery man’s deportation one week after he was turned over to immigration officials while trying to drop off food at a military base in New York.

Pablo Villavicencio, 35, remains in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody but will be kept from deportation until July 20. Villavicencio, an undocumented immigrant from Ecuador, was detained June 1 at the Fort Hamilton base in Brooklyn while delivering an order from the brick-oven pizza restaurant in Queens where he worked.

The Legal Aid Society, an organization that provides legal help to those in poverty, said in a statement Saturday that their attorneys discovered Villavicencio’s deportation was imminent so they worked through the night to prepare the emergency stay request.

“This stay will allow him to pursue a meritorious form of relief from removal — adjustment of status for permanent residency — to remain with his family,” the legal provider’s statement said.

Gregory Copeland, supervising attorney of the Immigration Law Unit at The Legal Aid Society, said the stay is a victory for Villavicencio, his family and for “due process and the fair administration of justice.”

“This decision is also a reminder that the judiciary can still serve as a powerful check when other branches of government make hasty, cruel and reckless decisions,” he said.

He had been to the base ‘many times,’ attorney says

Villavicencio’s potential deportation triggered a national response and fear in immigrant communities.

Villavicencio filed for his green card in February and was waiting for a response when he was detained, his wife, Sandra Chica, said.

Chica is a US citizen and they have two young daughters who were born in the United States.

“He’s got the wheels in motion in terms of pursuing a legal path to normalizing his status in the country,” Copeland told CNN.

The day he was detained, Villavicencio was trying to deliver an order to the Fort Hamilton Army base in Brooklyn. He showed his New York City identification card to the guard as he had done several times before, but the base said in a statement that he didn’t have the proper identification, so he had to get a daily visitor pass.

Villavicencio ended up “signing a waiver permitting a background check,” which revealed there was an active warrant for his deportation and prompted military police to call immigration agents.

In an interview Sunday, Copeland told CNN that Villavicencio had been to the military base “many times” in the past to make similar deliveries. He’d been there enough, Copeland said, that he was familiar with the facility’s personnel.

In fact, Copeland claims that in the midst of being detained on June 1, Villavicencio called a high-ranking sergeant at the base for help. According to Copeland, the sergeant, who was not named, unsuccessfully tried to intervene.

There were also “conflicting reports,” Copeland said, about whether Villavicencio had actually formally consented to a background check. Copeland called for an investigation into the incident, and reiterated that Villavicencio does not have a criminal record.

‘Our immigrant communities are threatened’

In response to Villavicencio’s arrest, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wrote two letters to high-ranking officials calling for an investigation into ICE and for Villavicencio’s release.

In a Friday letter to Department of Homeland Security Acting Inspector General John Kelly, Cuomo said immigrant communities are being vilified and profiled as a result of ICE tactics.

“New York will not sit on the sidelines as our immigrant communities are threatened,” Cuomo wrote. “The pattern of conduct demonstrated by ICE agents shows reckless contempt for the Constitution and runs counter to the agency’s stated mission as well as federal and state law. I call on your office to immediately investigate ICE tactics and ensure the rights of New Yorkers are being protected.”

Cuomo wrote a letter Saturday to Thomas Decker, field office director of the Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement, explaining that Villavicencio has been a resident of New York for more than 10 years and is a working father, taxpayer and the primary provider for his wife and children, one of whom has a serious medical condition.

Cuomo also said speed with which ICE is moving to deport Villavicencio threatens to violate his rights, his family’s due process rights and creates “an unnecessary humanitarian crisis in New York State.”

“There is absolutely no legitimate reason to proceed with an expedited removal and to do so would be inhumane,” Cuomo wrote. “The proper course of action here is to stay Mr. Villavicencio’s removal and release him from detention so that he may reunite with his family and participate in the proper adjudication of his case. The Constitutional guarantee of due process affords him that basic right.”

Long-time WQAD ‘Acri Creature Feature’ host Chuck Acri passes away from cancer

MOLINE-- Chuch Acri, host of the 'Acri Creature Feature' has died. He was 79-years-old.

The Acri family tells News 8 Chuck passed away Saturday June 9, 2018 after battling cancer. He had been in hospice care in Texas over the past few weeks.

Acri was a Saturday staple for decades on WQAD News 8 with the "Acri Creature Feature.' The classic and cult horror show was broadcasted in the Quad Cities and surrounding local TV markets.

Acri was also a successful businessman, founding The Acri  Company, a Milan home improvement business.

Visitation will be at Van Hoe Funeral Home in East Moline.

Acri will be greatly missed.

We'll have more on his life and legacy in the days to come.

Bettendorf veteran raises suicide awareness by running cross state carrying an American flag

BETTENDORF-- A veteran from Bettendorf is home after his 16 day long journey spreading awareness about suicide in veterans across the state. He ran hundreds of miles all while carrying an American flag.

On Saturday a motorcade greeted Brian Geerts in the last stretch of his journey ending at Bettendorf's Veterans Memorial Park with a crowd of people cheering for him. He started his journey in Omaha and ran a total of 359 miles in 16 days.

Geerts says about 22 veterans take their own life every day in the United States.

When people stopped him along the way he handed out fliers and told them about PTSD and suicide. He says it was those encounters and stories swapped that made every mile worth it.

"He got out gave me a hug and started crying and said thank you brother, and that honestly is the most moving part of this and if it touches one person which it did touch him, that means the world to me. This isn't the end, it's only the beginning of me trying to raise awareness and funds. It was more amazing than I thought it would be," says Geerts.

Ending his journey at Bettendorf's Veterans Memorial Park has deep meaning for Geerts. His name, along with his father's, step father's, and brother's are all engraved on the memorial there.

Channel 8 originally did a story with Geerts back in December when he was training for his cross state run.

Quad City Pride marches through Davenport

Davenport, Iowa-- Every color of the rainbow filled the streets in Downtown Davenport as the Quad City Pride Parade marched towards Rock Island.

Each person celebrating who they are.

"It just pulls on your heart strings that the community can come together and really celebrate something so wonderful as diversity," said Vivien Snaps. Snaps is the first ever Miss QC Pridefest.

Dozens of people marched in the parade with floats and even a miniature pony. The audience was even invited to join the parade as they passed. Organizers believe today was a success.

The celebration comes one week after the incident at Pridefest where a Davenport business owner went on a rant. He is being accused of yelling homophobic slurs at Pridefest organizers.

"As the song says haters gonna hate, there's always gonna be haters and I feel sorry for them. We are trying to make a better, more welcoming, more diverse Quad Cities," said Rev. Rich Hendricks. Hendricks was one of the grand marshals for the parade. He hopes everyone used this day to move past what one person thinks.

"This shows that we can still come together , we can still pull it together and become a tight knit community no matter who you are," said Snaps. She loves the amount of support she saw during the parade.

This was the first ever pride parade in the Quad Cities. They hope the event will continue to grow.

Family lemonade stand raises money for childhood cancer research

GENESEO, Illinois-- A tiny lemonade stand stood in downtown Geneseo ready to raise money on an important issue, one cup  at a time.

On June 9th, Jeanna and Matt Francis and their family joined Alex's Lemonade Stand, a non-profit organization that helps raise funds for childhood cancer research.

"Alex's lemonade stand has been such a huge supporter of kids with cancer and helping their families," said Jeanna Francis.

The Francis family ran their own lemonade operation to honor their son Brantley who passed away from an uncommon form of cancer last year.

"They not only help us we can specifically donate this money back to germ cell tumors which is what Brantely had and he passed from and it's not a common cancer so there's not a lot of research being done," said Jeanna Francis, Brantley's mother.



All the money raised will go towards Alex's Lemonade Stand. Francis said their original goal was to raise about $1,000 dollars but  to their surprise, just about doubled that.

Francis said more needs to be done in supporting funds for pediatric cancer as it doesn't get as much attention.

"It's really important to shed light on pediatric cancer because it only gets 4% of government funding for research," said Francis.

To help support Brantely's Lemonade stand click here. 




Justify Wins Triple Crown With Dominant Victory at Belmont

Watch Video

Sixteen weeks ago, no one knew what to make of Justify — except Hall of Fame horse racing trainer Bob Baffert.

He knew in February that the 3-year-old chestnut colt, who had yet to run a race, was something special.

And the horse proved his trainer prescient, winning a Triple Crown with a mesmerizing and dominant victory at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.

Justify defied the difficult post position along the rail, breaking well and taking the lead within seconds. None of the other nine horses had a chance to catch him.

The 4-5 favorite handled the 1.5-mile distance easily, and though runner-up Gronkowski was less than 2 lengths back, Justify never looked in danger of losing.

“I wanted to see that horse’s name up there because we know he was brilliant from Day 1,” Baffert said. “And I am so happy for Mike Smith. There is no more deserving (jockey) than him.”

Smith said Baffert made his dreams come true.

“Just so blessed that this happened,” he told broadcaster NBC.

Baffert also trained Triple Crown winner American Pharoah in 2015. Baffert — who has won more Triple Crown races than anyone — complimented his team for helping the horse, which ran three major, testing races in five weeks.

Justify became the 13th thoroughbred to win horse racing’s Triple Crown. He has won all six races he has run this year. Only Seattle Slew in 1977 was also an undefeated Triple Crown champion.

It was the largest Belmont field ever beaten by a Triple Crown winner.

Gronkowski, named for the NFL player, finished second, having been last for much of the race. Hofburg was third.